VMware appliance?

  • Is anyone rolling a pfSense VM 'appliance' these days?  Or is there a wiki on how to install the VMtools on 2.15?


  • There is no appliance, but you can install pfSense in a virtualized environment.  I run it in production on ESXi 5.5.  There was a recent post about VMware Tools here

  • Same here.  esxi 5.5 with pfsense 2.1.5 (64-bit).  Did an install from ISO and tools via Open-VM-Tools package.

  • nth that.

    (oh hi danswartz, Zarathustra[h] here from over at the [h])

    pfSense "just works" for me in ESXi.  Currently on 5.5U2, but been using it since the original 5.0 release.

    The web interface has a simple installer for the Open-VM-Tools package.

    Some people cringe at the thought of having a guest be your firewall, due to potentially added vulnerabilities, but I think that risk is relatively minor.

    Even so, I have direct I/O forwarded a dual port intel NIC to my pfSense guest, to further minimize the risk of exposing the VMWare virtual network.  (It also improved latencies a tiny bit)

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