Wireless WAN question and a feature request

  • Hello,
    What I want to do is use the wireless card as the WAN to connect to a public hotspot and use the firewall to protect the LAN side from this public hotspot. Should be easy but I can't figure this out.
    DD-WRT calls this "Client" mode. Engenius calls it AP Router. Just listing them to familiarize anyone reading this.

    I have the wireless int set as my WAN. In the interface settings for my WAN, In the SSID section it says "Note: Only required in Access Point mode. If left blank in Ad-hoc or Infrastructure mode, this interface will connect to any available SSID".
    So I'm in Infrastructure mode… how would it connect to any available SSID if there's no where to choose the SSID? At least no where I can see.

    I guess this is a good place to add the request. In Status:Wireless, it lists all available SSID's but it doesn't allow you to do anything with them. The Engenius ECB3500 router in AP Router Mode has a "Site Survey" button that shows the same as the Status:Wireless section in pfSense, except the Engenius let's you click one to connect to it. How about adding the option of being able to click on an available SSID to connect to it?? It should then allow you to enter any info needed to connect.

    So now back to my problem, how do I connect to an available SSID when in BSS mode??

    Thanks for any help!
    ps I found this as the closest but it didn't say how to do it, just that it can be done.

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