Captive Portals using vlans as interfaces, but there is port conflict, plz help

  • I have configured four Captive Portals which respectively uses vlan10,11,12,13 as interfaces.
    It's like when you connect to vlan10, CP10 page will show up. Same for the rest vlans.
    Captive Portal 10,11,12 works fine and can display distinct login pages when I connect to vlan10,11,12.
    But when I created CP13, the captive portal service cannot start. When I  connected to vlan13, which is supposed to display CP13 page, pfSense system logs displays the following error and redirect me to CP10 login page.

    php[28672]: /status_services.php:
    The command '/usr/local/sbin/lighttpd -f /var/etc/lighty-vlan13-CaptivePortal.conf' returned exit code '255', the output was '2014-09-11 15:27:19: (network.c.415) can't bind to port: 8002 Address already in use'

    From netstats CP10 uses port 8002;CP11 uses port8004;CP12 uses port 8000; and CP13 still tries to bind to port 8002 and displays CP10's page.

    Anyone have any idea how this is happening?

    Best Regards!

  • I have the same problem. Did you get a solution?

  • If you have the same error, as someone did 3 years ago:

    Update to the latest stable. The webserver 'lighttpd' hasn't been in use for some time now.

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