No Wireless Connectivity when Bridged to LAN

  • I am having the same problem as the user from ticket #693 , but I have no idea what you mean by "Try adding an ip on the lan subnet to OPT2 then setup DHCP server in services for this interface."

    I am running the most current version and have tried exactly the same as the other guy and get the same results as he does. All I want is to be able to have wireless users and wired users on the same IP Range/subnet. That way if a user on the wired/wireless network types in a computer name (ex: \wirelesscomp) in explorer he gets the computer. Right now, due to the fact that I have to run on 2 different IP ranges/subnets, I have to enter in the actual IP address of the computer I want.

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    2006-Mar-08 18:38:41 by sullrich:


    This does work as intended, I am running a wireless bridge.

    2006-Mar-08 19:06:00 by anonymous:
        Problem with the info you suggested. (The pdf seems to talk about setting up something I don't want to do)

    Let me get into further detail.

    I have the follwoing interfaces: WAN - Dynamic IP from ISP so set to DHCP LAN - for my wired network ( OPT1 - Future server / DMZ (not activated at this time) OPT2 - Wireless card for my wireless users

    I would like to combine the LAN & OPT2 to make them both in the same IP range. Meaning my LAN has DHCP setup to provide IP in the range of thru I would like my wireless clients to also recieve an IP from this same range so they are on the same network as the wired people. Is this possible? And if so can you provide detailed instructions on how to set this up?

    Things of note: I am running the Traffic Shaper and the Squid Proxy. (left the web traffic alone in the shaper because it seems that the proxy does not work properly without some major changes. And being someone who has a VERY basic understanding of FreeBSD/Linux do not want to attempt)

    I hope this clears up what I am trying to accomplish.

    Thank you very much for your help and hope to hear from you again soon.

  • What you seek is a transparent bridge.  However, I am not sure if that is compatible with Traffic Shaping.

    Either way,  instructions for creating a bridge are located here:

  • The only problem is that I do not want to bridge my WAN & LAN.  So my next questions is can I use the same instructions to bridge the OPT2 (wireless) & LAN.  I do not want this to be a transparent bridge to the WAN interface.  I want to link my wireless and LAN and that is all.  This is my only router between me and the modem.  Disableing or changeing this is not an option.

  • In your case exchange "WAN" with "LAN" and "LAN" with "OPT2" from that document. Shouldn't be that hard.

  • I wouldn't think it would be too hard either…..but.....already tried and failed.

    Only thing left is the Trafic Shaper is still on.

    Now here is another question.  I have bridged the OPT2 to the LAN.  Should I try the other way around?  Setup OPT2 as I would the LAN and bridge the LAN to OPT2?  Not sure what that would change as it doesn't work the other way around but I throw it our there to get opinions.

  • You fail to mention which version you are on.    I hope you are on beta2.

  • As i stated in the ticket….I am using beta2.  :)

  • Ticket was deleted, this was not a bug as the feature works for MANY folks.

  • OK.  Well now that you know what version I am using would you like me to post some log or something?  I'm not sure where to go from here.  I would really like to use this feature and all of you keep saying that it is possible but for some reason I am unable to make it work.

    And your right that this SHOULD be simple and very possible, considering that off the shelf wireless routers do it all the time.

    All I want is this:  (a recap just to make sure we are all on the same page)

    Specs on Box running pfSense:
    AMD Thunderbird 900megahertz
    768 megs of memory
    ATI All-In-Wonder 128 Pro Video Card (overkill but this box was not origionally a router)
    5-10gig Hard Drive (Can't remember size)
    3 - 10/100 NIC's
    1 - B/G Wireless Card
    CD Drive
    Floppy Drive

    Current Setup:

    Internet:  Charter Cable Modem - 1 Dynamic IP Address
    WAN:  10/100 Wired NIC - DHCP for IP from Internet
    LAN:  10/100 Wired NIC - - Connected to multiple switches for the many wired computers.
    OPT1(Server):  10/100 Wired NIC - Disabled at this time.  May be used in future as a DMZ.
    OPT2(Wireless):  Foxconn (Ral) B/G Wireless NIC -

    DHCP server is turned on for the LAN & Wireless connections.
    Traffic Shaping is turned on for LAN.
    Squid Proxy package is installed and running.
    Dynamic DNS is sending WAN IP to DYNDNS service.

    Internet === WAN==|pfSense|

    What I want:

    LAN & Wireless to both be on range.
    Single DHCP server to hand out addresses for both LAN & Wireless
    All other features that are currently running to keep running.  (Though I could live without traffic shaper if necessary)
    This machine should be able to handle being the Firewall / Router / Wireless Access Point / Squid Proxy

    What I DON'T want:

    Turn off any of the firewall features.  This is my only firewall between me and the net and I don't plan to add another one.


    The whole point of this thread (and the prior support ticket) is that due to how things are currently setup, in order for you to browse a computer on the wireless network you must know the IP address of the computer.  (Of course the opposite is true as well) You cannot just type in the machine name like you would for a computer on the LAN.  I just want the internal network to be able to talk to each other.

    I have tried rules.  I have tried bridging.  I've tried a combo of both.  I've tried just putting them on the same subnet but giving them different IP ranges in the DHCP servers.

    Nothing works.

    I am a FreeBSD / Linux NOOB.  I know PC's rinning windows or even dos like the back of my hand and have been building and maintaining said computers since I was like 12.  If someone knows the steps I need to follow in order to fix my problem PLEASE let me know.  I would like a step by step solution if possible.  What I am trying to avoid is instructions for something else that is simmilar and you want me to figure out how to modify them to fix my problem.  (aka Transparent Bridge on WAN ???  I'm sorry but that pdf file made no sense and did not seem to have anything to do with my problem)  Maybe I'm being dense / stupid.  It's possible.  Just please explain.

    Thank you all for your help!