Captive Portal + Meraki

  • Hi Guys I am using Meraki nodes and Pfsense , I would like all my clients connected to Meraki's nodes can see my captive portal from Pfsense , the problem is Meraki manage his own Ip's and gateway like
    so in my Pfsense just I can see the Meraki network like 1 client i mean just one IP for all the network
    anyone know how can do this ?? thanks !!

  • What you are asking for would require a bridge.

    If what you are trying to accomplish is to use PFSense captive portal. And your clients are behind the Meraki. Then the Meraki would need to use a bridge mode in order for it to pass devices behind it and their MAC addresses in a way that PFSense can see. I'm not familar with Meraki so I'm not sure if it has a bridge mode but that is what you would need to do in order for it to work.

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