Fix my PPPoE reconnect issue - 200$

  • Hello there,

    I have some series issues with pfsense since 2.1.X to 2.1.5. I have a 24h reconnect at 5:30. Sometimes it works, sometimes it drops and the whole reconnect procedure stops. And only 2 or 3 times the VM hangs/crashed caused by something that looked like a loop wich causes high cpu use. All
    at 5:30.

    Now I have to go to the -> status -> interface and click the connect button. Then the internet is back on and everything is fine. I can't find the issue.

    I had some serious trouble before:

    My thread started before this bounty
    crash txt from pfsense
    pfctl: DIOCXCOMMIT: Device busy = never occurred since I removed some services
    Maybe a hint - igmp problem = use multicast for my cctv
    My german problem thread

    changed the modem -> same issue
    changed Network card to I350-T4 Quad Port NIC -> same issue
    upgraded the whole esxi with firmware of everything -> same issue

    In the attachments are the actual screens from the esxi console



  • Raised the bounty to 200$

  • Methinks you have to Disable Pereodic Reset (you have now it switched on with Custom function telling it have to reset PPPoE every day at 5:30) :)

  • Since beta 2.2 the problem is gone  ::)

  • Netgate

    Going to send $200 to the project?

  • Good idea, and yes I will.

    But first I wait to the final Version ;-).

  • Netgate

    If I had given you the fix would you wait for it to be pulled into 2.2-BETA and then wait for 2.2-RELEASE before you paid me?  Just sayin'.

    Pet peeve of mine is bounties being fulfilled and not paid.  Sorry.  Character defect.

  • I have no problem to pay for something - but if it only works now in beta and I have later problems with the final version… I have to buy a gold membership and 2 hours support for again 500$. I'm not that money thrower.

    So I think I'm not that fair traded from you. You bully me that I should pay immediately but I already stated that I will. Cause I'm not a native english speaking person I can't express this in the right words and the length i wish, but we don't get an agreement so this ends here.