Cannot ping WAN interface

  • Hi, I'm new to pfsense.
    I chosse pfsense in order to replace a Cisco PIX 501. I have perfomed all the configs and now I'm testing (trying to) in a lab network.
    The network setup is as follows

      TPLinkrouter ( )–-----(wan em0 PFSense---- (lan em1  ----X--- (PC2)
        | (PC1)

    From PC1 I'm not able to ping WAN Interface:
    -  They are on the same subnet, so according to documentation there is no need to add static routes.
    -  I put a rule allowing ICMP Traffic on the wan network
    -  the ARP table on pfsense contains an entry for
    -  check boxes for Block private networks and  Block bogon networks on the wan interface: UNCHECKED
    -  routing tables seems to be ok for me

    default UGS 0 4655 1500 em0 link#7 UH 0 32 16384 lo0 link#2 U 0 9052 1500 em1 link#2 UHS 0 0 16384 lo0 link#1 U 0 66 1500 em0 00:18:71:ea:a9:b5 UHS 0 2443 1500 em0 link#1 UHS 0 0 16384 lo0

    Any ideas?
    Thank you very much in advance

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    What mode is the TPlink in?  Are you just using it as a switch?  If so why are you calling it a router?

    If it's a router, why are two interfaces on the same IP network?

    Post screen shots.  I could set this up 1000 times and it would work every time so things are not how you think they are.

  • The TP LInk is a modem router ADSL with 4 LAN ports

    Attached a more detailed diagram

    The problem is I cannot ping from PC1 to WAN interface nor from WAN to PC1.
    From WAN I'm able to ping the gateway
    Frpm PC1 I'm able to ping the gateway

    Thank you very much

  • Rebel Alliance

    Please attach a screenshot of the FW WAN rules

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    On your new pfSense please.

  • Attahced WAN Fw rules

    Thank you

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    OK.  That looks right.  What happens if you plug PC1 into the pfSense WAN port?  Can you ping it?

  • same result :-(  (I have  tried with a normal cable and with a crossover cable)

    In the original scenario, pfsense and PC1 are able to ping their default gateway ( pf sense (via its WAN if) it is able to ping any other public IP.

    For some reason I'm not able to see pfsense is not able to see any in the WAN network  with the exception of its default gateway

    Thank you.

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    No idea.  Diagnostics->Packet Capture on WAN and see what it shows.

  • Could be a firewall problem on PC1

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    I know what it isn't.

  • What isn't it?

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    FreeBSD/pf with an em card.

  • I'd tend to agree.

    I wonder if he could be talked into downloading ubuntu or linux mint and booting it live from disk and then checking connectivity from pc1?

    That way I'd be pretty sure that a firewall or other setting on PC1 wasn't the issue.

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    Easier to capture the traffic on WAN on pfSense.  Or install wireshark on PC1.  Or both.

  • may be you config worng

  • PC1 it is able to ping PC3… anyway I have disabled the FW/AV software on PCI, same result.

    I'll try later with the WAN/PC1 captures


  • Well  I have performed the captures.
    Only ARP broadcast messages….
    In pfsense (

    10:18:57.255415 ARP, Reply is-at 00:18:71:ea:a9:b5, length 28
    10:18:58.253579 ARP, Request who-has tell, length 46
    10:18:58.253586 ARP, Reply is-at 00:18:71:ea:a9:b5, length 28
    10:18:59.253501 ARP, Request who-has tell, length 46
    10:18:59.253508 ARP, Reply is-at 00:18:71:ea:a9:b5, length 28
    10:19:00.255669 ARP, Request who-has tell, length 46
    10:19:00.255676 ARP, Reply is-at 00:18:71:ea:a9:b5, length 28
    10:19:01.253716 ARP, Request who-has tell, length 46
    10:19:01.253723 ARP, Reply is-at 00:18:71:ea:a9:b5, length 28

    In PC1 (see attached)

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    OK.  The PC is asking who has .112 and something is replying.  Then the PC asks again.  And again.  And again.  You need to find out why your PC is receiving an arp reply and ignoring it.

    00:18:71:ea:a9:b5 should be what you expect for the MAC address of the interface on

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