Help With Wifi and New release.

  • Does anybody have any help on how to setup a wifi pci card in my pfsense computer.

    That is my only option.

    I Got the Card seen by pfsense but cant figure out proper setings to get people connecting though wifi to get to the internet.

  • This is what you need to get going. Nothing special with the 2.2 snapshots. Same old pfsense. Just new option for N mode. I use Atheros mPCI/mPCI-e …all work,20917.0.html

  • I also did not apply the "system tunables" settings i see  on the forum.. They appear to be needed more in radiowave congested areas as I have never needed them. I also see the Beacon stuck error seems fixed… I do see an -3 line long- error message on channel change with AR9580 in the console. Doesn't seem to effect it either...

  • Followed all the steps and i get a error when i change the lan to bridged mode i get.

    You cannot set port bridge0 to interface LAN because this interface is a member of bridge0

  • Well nothing good is easy!!! I know it helped on my box that i had extra ethernet interfaces so i could make the dummy or placeholder for step 1 and 2. For motherboard stuff, If you only had 1 onboard ethernet and one wireless interface you might need to temporarily add an Ethernet card just so you have that extra interface for the placeholder. Otherwise you can't assign a interface for a port that doesn't exists. He says something about PPP port  but i couldn't figure that out. I am guessing that is probably where your problem is. You just need to figure out bridging. Your interface assignments will be different than mine so help will be hard. What is your device/hardware setup?
    I know when i first started working on it, I had problems locking my self out of the GUI. Then i turned off the Firewall and NAT and used it as a straight router and that helps and lets you assign the firewall port rules before lockout. I did this with my internet offline for security.
    Are you using this as your primary connection/internet box with DHCP provided or an AUX interface arrangement . Some upstream settings are necessary if PFsense/wireless on top of pfSense for the incoming boxes interface and DHCP stuff for addressing. I also assign my Bridge a MAC and lock in IP with the static DHCP on the host end so i know –what is what --and name it appropriately so i know what it does.
    You need the members right first though..

  • Here is what i have.

    I have 2 intel NIC pci cards in the machine and a Realtek PCI wifi card.

    In the tutorial that GNHB post over here,,20917.0.html

    in the first picture

    LAN is the bridge
    WLAN is ath0
    OPT2 is vr0 which is a virtuial port

    Mine in the second picture I have

    WAN dc0  PCI NIC
    LAN dc1  PCI NIC
    OPT1 ral0 PCI Wifi Card

    I do have one more intel card i can use if needed to complete the settings.

    ![Untitled Image.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/Untitled Image.jpg)
    ![Untitled Image.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Untitled Image.jpg_thumb)

  • Banned

    Use the wireless AP you have lying around and bridge it to pfsense.

    I run PF in a Virtualbox VM at home so I can test things before they go live in the datacenter.

    It boots with the host OS and starts PFsense automatically. Very easy.

  • I was thinking of writing a tutorial and i looked at that forum post again and all the info you need is there.. All you need. I would skip step 2b and save the interface for your placeholder you have enough interfaces at two plus wifi. I do remember skipping back and forth between console and gui. I think i setup DHCP addresses at the console. I am sure there are lots of ways to make a bridge though. Once its built you can see it from the console as well. You can't break anything so keep trying.
    Notice alot of the working examples use atheros…

  • The PDF dosent help.

    I have a DHCP WAN connection.
    Dosent include how he setup his OPT1 connection.
    And finally It dosent really help in my problem.

  • The PDF was just meant to show you there are many ways to make a bridge. Why not starty simple. Get your WAN interface up at console. Do DHCP as well. Let it get its lease from your upstream DHCP server. Make sure you have an ip address assigned. Assign only the WAN an interface for now. Get the GUI up and running. Now from the GUI make your interfaces with the LAN and WIFI interfaces and enable them(Also make rules or disable firewall). Now make a bridge of both new interfaces.  There is your bridge. Now you can Swap ethernet cable and get things going. This is all from memory so forgive me if i am skimming. I also might swap around assignments and or ethernet cable at some point. Try out all possible combinations, it works trust me. Those forum instructions do work but there are other ways. I am noticing my bridge0 assigned to WAN…

  • Any Luck? Skimming my post i see i left out that you want to assign your Bridge to an interface after creation and you may need to make any rules on the bridge not the interfaces. Also you need to assign your bridge IPv4/6 assignment of DHCP and it will pickup its IP from the upstream machine. The bridge members will have None for IPv4/6 assignments. Once you assemble your bridge you can switch your ethernet cable to the LAN from WAN  port and your upstream DHCP should assign it a new IP. You can find this IP from the console or the upstream machines DHCP leases page.
    From this IP you can access the GUI again.
    I assign my bridge0 to the WAN Interface after rearranging my interface assignments and right before swapping the cable.

  • I got it to work after 2 resets i had to get everything assigned in the right order to work.

  • Did you end up doing the cable swap version?
    If you need more help just yell.

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