Minimum bandwidth in traffic shaping (dynamic bandwidth sharing)

  • Hello,

    we would appreciate an improvement in traffic shaping. Basically we now use an HW UTM FW in our datacenter.
    The traffic shaper of that FW permits to grant a minimum bandwidth (to lans, IPs, etc.)

    This is useful to avoid bandwidth wasting when one pipe doesn’t full.

    If, for example, we have 100Mbps WAN and 4 (V)LANs, we can assign minimum bandwith as follow:

    L1: 20 Mbps
    L2: 50 Mbps
    L3: 10 Mbps
    L4: 20 Mbps

    If at a certain moment L2 does not use “its” 50 Mbps and, for example, L3 has a load peak, L3 it will be able to transfer at an higher datarate. L2 continues to have a sort of “priority” and, if its traffic would increase, L3 bandwidth is lowered to “grant” up to 50 MBps to L2.

    We currently do use only minimum and maximum bandwidth in our datacenter (no prioritization or so) but  it seems that pfSense does not have such a kind of feature.

    I really don’t know how much effort would need to implement this feature.

  • Hi,

    you should have a look at Firewall -> Traffic Shaper -> Limiter
    There you should be able to setup a similar config.

  • Hello, are you sure  the limiter can do this? If not, I would be in on this bounty. What is the target value?

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