Captive portal restart issues

  • Hi all.

    I have a strange issue where when I restart the captive portal service (or the whole server), things appear fine, but then I cannot seem to get things to work exactly as they did. As an example, when you go through the captive portal, you enter details and those details are logged in syslog by calling the logger command via PHP, this works fine, until reboot or restart of the captive portal service. Does anyone have any idea why this wouldn't be working?

    So to clarify, before a restart, I can see in the captive portal logs that php is logging something and it looks good, after a restart of the box or just the captive portal service, I get none of that. I can see the portal, go through, get access, it adds the MAC to the pasthrough list, but it either doesn't allow PHP to run a command (logger) or stops passing logs altogether.


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