Wireless card in virtual machine

  • Hi all,

    I have a problem that i can't solve (yet)  ;D

    I have an Ubuntu 14.04 machine running on an atom D2500cc. Pfsense is running in a virtual machine vmware workstation 10.0.3. Both wired nic's are bridget to the physical adapter in the virtual network editor. Pfsense has it's own ipadresses and the ubuntu machine it's own. Works great :-)

    As of the problem, i want to use a ralink rt2870/rt3070 wireless usb adapter for a wireless accespoint. I've bridged wlan0 to vmnet2. When i add an interface in pfsense i can add this virtual card as an interface. I enable the card and that's it. I cannot bind the wireless options for a card to this card. When i go to wireless in the interfaces section i can hit the + button but the parent interface drop down menu stays empty.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Ps. Sorry for the engrisch….

  • Hey there,

    I think you will faceing a lot of trouble with this.
    Was looking for the same thing for a kind of acceesspoint virtualization…

    For VMware here they describe that u are able to send traffic to the wireless device and back. But the Host will only recognize a wired connection.
    So one solution could be, to make all settings for the wireless card on the virtualization server (would mean to configure the server as a Access Point) and bridge all traffic to the host.
    According to this, you need to do all the hostapd configuration on your own… Really a pain in the a**...

    So pfsense will not recognize, that you attached an wireless adapter but another wired connection. The same goes for proxmox and KVM.

    If you have a working solution, I really would appreciate if you could give us a little how to.

    Found some blogs where people tried to achieve our goal with XEN an PCI Passthrough to HVM's. But therefore you would need hardware supporting VT-d

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