CP portal page not showing on VLAN

  • Hello,
      I have a CP zone on two interfaces (same hw adapter), where one of them is a VLAN.
      Every interface has a DHCP server enabled; the DNS forwarder is also turned on.
      When a client connects to the VLAN, it gets an IP address from the right DHCP server.
      DNS is also working: a test with nslookup shows that the DNS server being used is the IP of the VLAN network and addresses are correctly resolved.
      When the client tries to browse, however, no captive portal page is loaded.
      However, if the client goes to http://ip_add:8000 (where the portal page is hosted) the page shows up and the users is correctly authenticated. Then the user can browse with no other problems.

    Any suggestion? Regards,

  • Hello.

    I just want to inform you that I'm in the same situation.

    We have a 2.1.5 version pfSense operating one-handed and the captive-portal
    won't direct users into the CP-login screen. With manual url insertion the portal
    is usable and functioning.

    Any suggestions?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    If the initial site attempted by the browser is HTTPS, redirection won't happen.

  • I have confirmed this behavior.

    Is there any known fix or workaround for this?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    No.  The CP is a man in the middle.  HTTPS is designed to prevent the same.