Stale States for Mobile Devices connecting to WLAN?

  • I think this is a Firewall issue, and not a Wireless issue.  I am running:

    2.2-BETA (i386)
    built on Fri Sep 26 14:06:31 CDT 2014

    and most works extremely well.  Thank you pfSense!  ;D  Sometimes 'tho, and this is hard to quantify with log files, my mobile Android devices, running Android 4.4.2, when connect to the WLAN (I mean they ALWAYS connect), but get no IP traffic passing to them.  This has been happening (sometimes) since I upgraded from 2.1.5.  I think it has to with the Firewall States being stale and not refreshed when the Android devices 'wake' from a 'sleep' or are otherwise re-connecting to the WLAN.  I've tried a 'Reset States' and even changing the Firewall Optimization to 'Aggressive' to see what happens.  It's a dice roll as to whether or not any of these practices helps.  Eventually however, the Android devices pass traffic and all is well.

    I am posting this just as an FYI as I expect that future releases will indeed solve the problem.  ;)


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