SOLVED (typo!): multiple subnets - one pings, one not

  • At a client I run pfsense with 5 NICs.

    One for WAN, one for LAN (=office), 3 subnets for various stuff (video, heating etc).
    For LAN I set 2 fw-rules: "Default allow LAN to any rule" for both IPv4 and IPv6.

    This allowed the admin there to access stuff in Subnet1 from his machine in the LAN.
    Now he set up a new switch in Subnet2, with correct default gateway pointing to my pfsense-NIC for Subnet2.

    And we can't even ping that switch from LAN ….

    When I look into the firewall logs and click that red X I get:

    @3 scrub on re0 all fragment reassemble
    @3 block drop in log inet all label "Default deny rule IPv4"

    Sorry, if it is FAQ ... but: why the different behavior for the 2 nets? Where do I have to allow what now?


    EDIT -> SOLVED: I had /32 on that interface ... /24 solved it right away! Sorry for the noise ..........

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