• I'm having some trouble trying to get my PFsense working with our current network and VPN

    I have it all set up and I can access all the local drives, but we have a hosted application which is giving me trouble

    network setup.

    We are using 10.110.0.* for static network devices,
    open vpn users are getting ip of 10.110.34.*
    we have a IPSEC s2s vpn connection that gets 10.90.230.*  They are access the sub network as the tunnelling is set up for ipsec

    The hosted application is through a router to a ip address under that of which is hosting the app and uses RDP protocol

    Lan users and IPSec users are able to access it, but currently we are set up with VDI to have the openvpn users able to connect.  I want to get rid of it.

    If I look at the gateways I see that there is a lan gateway pointed at the with the routes pointing to the and

    I did select "force all client generated traffic through the tunnel"

    If anyone has any advice where I could start looking at that would be appreicated.
    For some reason its not letting me post pics,  here is a imgur album of some of the config screens  http://imgur.com/a/EQl4c