• I was hoping someone could help me I've tried a bunch of different combinations to get my pfsense box to run on my desired network but to no avail yet.

    PROBLEM: I have a computer with a onboard motherboard NIC and I recently bought 2 rosewell reltalk network cards (x3 NICs) and a AC1750 ASUS wireless router, I want to run my comcast modem into my pfsense box and out to my asus wifi router which (Should?) give me wifi access and also use the LAN ports for wired computers.

    WHAT IVE DONE SO FAR: I was able to set up a WAN and LAN connection with a direct connection into a desktop but when I try to set it up to my ASUS wifi router, I can see the devices are connected to the wifi frequencies but it is not allowing me to connect the internet via wifi router.

    I'm taking networking classes at my community college and my professor told me about pfsense, so I understand most of the concept and basics of networking.
    Could someone point me in the right direction so I can get my setup to run right?

    Thanks for your time,

  • I'm not sure if it will help you as I have a slightly different setup (my wireless is WAP, Wireless Access Points, only, I use Ubiquity hardware for that, recommended to me on this very fine forum. So I don't use a router as a WAP, my WAP is WAP only).

    My WAP goes into a dedicated Intel NIC (realtek appears not recommended very much for FreeBSD, so to be on the safe side I use Intel as Intel develops drivers for FreeBSD), which is a separate VLAN. My clients connect via Radius enterprise to the WAP, and arrive in the VLAN. That has a firewall rule to allow out anywhere not LAN.

    I think you might be facing problems if you keep the Asus router in router-mode; I'd try to disable that in the GUI first, so it acts only as a WAP, and nothing more.

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