Nintendo 3DS game has online issues

  • This is frustrating, my brothers 3DS can connect for his other games for online features, but for the new smash brothers it has issues. He can access some online features, but not others, some work sometimes, some features have never worked. He got it to work at our dads house, who has just a normal D-Link consumer grade router, so it makes me wonder if Pfsense is blocking something that the game is trying to use.

    I don't expect anyone to figure out why it won't work, what I want help with is knowing where to look in Pfsense. The LAN has a permit any rule on top, we play a lot of games and have no issues. The only time I need to make rules is if we need to port forward to host game servers. The thing is, he isn't hosting anything, he's going out to connect to what I assume is a Nintendo server, so I don't see why port forwarding would be an issue, when he's establishing the connection. What would be the best way to get to the bottom of this? I thought of maybe creating a rule just for his 3DS and logging it, not sure if that's the most effective thing to do or not, any advice would be appreciated.


    Alright, I think I fixed it. The problem was the way Pfsense randomizes source ports, it doesn't play well with some Nintendo games. I changed the port settings for the 3DS and so far we have had success.

  • What did u do to fix this?



  • Same problem here…what was the fix?

  • I fixed it by creating a static ip address for the 3ds in the dhcp server.

    I then created a manual out band rule in the firewall>Nat> settings like this

    IP: (or what ever your ip address for the nintendo is)

    Static PORT: YES

    everything else is as defaults.

    Save settings and i rebooted just to be sure.

    Works 100% of the time now

    Hope that helps


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