OpenVPN access for Ubuntu client

  • I'm new to pfsense and I'm just getting the hang of everything. I've got a desktop running pfsense in a virtual machine and that handles all the traffic for the house; we have OpenVPN setup and working on several windows machines for VPN access.
    For the windows clients, all I had to do was export the client executable and run that on the machine.
    For Ubuntu, I'm at a total loss. I've got the CA cert as well as the user cert/key, but I'm reading all different manner of things. Some forums are saying I need to edit the config file and some are saying I need a .p12 file.
    Any help would be appreciated!

  • Export a inline ovpn file the one for "other".

    Then take that and put it in a directory in you ubuntu home directory.

    Then in a command tool:

    sudo openvpn –config /home/yourhome/Downloads/exported-inline-openvpn-file.ovpn

    In this example, "yourhome" is name of your ubuntu home directory

    Obviously, in this example your exported inline openvpn file is just sitting in the Downloads directory.

    Later, you can put this command in a .sh file on your desktop, give execute permissions and just double click to execute it.

    Its super easy.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If only the Ubuntu VPN GUI would let you feed it the config directly. It's nice to be able to use the GUI, but their OpenVPN GUI is … not fun.

    I know our GUI is limited when it comes to what you can do with OpenVPN but theirs even even more hobbled.

  • For Ubuntu 14.04 (I'm using Gnome) the way to import OpenVPN is:

    • Export OpenVPN standard archive configuration

    • Import OpenVPN settings in Ubuntu

    • in password type you username password, also for certificate (I know it shouldn't be necessary but it is how GUI for OpenVPN in Ubuntu is written)

    • connect to vpn

    simple as that for me :)

  • I agree with you jimp.  The bad news is openvpn GUIs seem to all suck for me in linux.  The good news is once you figure it out, which isn't hard, vpn in linux is very reliable.  I'd say more than windows.

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