OpenVPN Client can ICMP through to IPSec tunnel clients, but no TCP/UDP traffic

  • My current config:

    IPSEC Tunnel (Site to Site): (RemoteHost1), <–------LAN(>Cisco ASA(WAN x.x.x.x)<----------IPSEC--------->pfsense(WAN y.y.y.y)<--------->LAN(<--------> (Client1)

    OpenVPN Tunnel (Client to Site):

    OpenVPN Client ( <---------> pfsense(WAN y.y.y.y)<-------> OpenVPN subnet (

    I can ping from the OpenVPN Client to the pfSense LAN ( I can also ping from the OpenVPN client to the Remote Lan ( But when I try to access http services on RemoteHost2 I can't receive any data.

    The firewall logs say the traffic is allowed to pass from ---> with TCP:SEW.

    I can however access the HTTP services on RemoteHost2 on the pfsense LAN ( and it gives me the following firewall log message: PASS --->> TCP:S

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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