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  • Hello,

    When I upgraded from 2.1.3 to 2.1.4, I ran into a show-stopper issue: all of my ip aliases used with carp had stopped working.  There had already been a patch published, and once pointed to the correct forum entry I fixed the problem.  It caused lots of gnashing of the teeth while I was trying to find a fix.

    By the way, I am very happy with the response I got, but that really isn't why I am writing this here under feedback.

    Prior to the upgrade I spent some time searching the forums for known issues in upgrading to 2.1.4, but wasn't able to distinguish across the >1000 search responses.

    This time before I upgrade, I have tried to search for 2.1.5 issues in the forums and redmine.  Again, there's no easy way to filter out issues pertaining to upgrades.

    When I look at the development forums, I see there is always one titled "x.x Snapshot Feedback and Problems", and when the release occurs, this title rotates to the next snapshot release.

    May I suggest a similar forum? Perhaps " <version>confirmed issues"?

    Or perhaps a tag that can be searched for and an advanced search feature? (does smf allow tags?)  Is there a such thing as blessed tags, where only the official developers can say "2.1.5_confirmed_issue"?


  • Filtering redmine by affected version will get what you're looking for. If something is specifically set to 2.1.5 (or any other specific version, not "2.1.x" or "all") for instance, it's a regression. There aren't any known regressions in 2.1.5.

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