Route internet traffic over VPN

  • We have PFsense in our Office with a VPN link back to my house all of which works fine.

    however i have a requirement that when i work from home any traffic to our hosted services that access is only granted by public ip address on the office internet connection which means i have no access from home.

    Home router is a Draytek, when i had a draytek at the office i had this solution working basically on the draytek router at home, i would setup a rule that said something like destination go out via VPN

    the rules which used to work before moving to pfsense in the office are still in place.

    howeever i no longer can get this to work, on the pfsense firewall for the IPsec i have a rule that says allow everything but still no joy.

    does anyone have any tips?

  • Maybe you just have to enable NAT reflection. This function directs requests to public IPs which are handled by NAT rules to their internal NAT IPs.

    This can be done either in each NAT rule which you want to have the function enabled or global in System > Advanced > Firewall and NAT and set the rules to "system default".

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