Can Someone Recommend a book?

  • Can someone recommend a good book that extensively documents PFSense? I'm trying to build up my network to a much more advanced setup and I need some actual documentation.

    A vague description of my setup

    40Mbps VDSL2 line
    5 leased Static IP addresses
    PFsense Box with 1 WAN 1 LAN 4 OPT interfaces
    10+ VLANS on LAN interface
    2 Web Servers + FTP
    Active Directory Server
    Wireless LAN (Radius authentication)
    Cisco VPN (DMZ interface–->Cisco lab).

    Can someone recommend a good book with extensive documentation? I'm not convinced that PFSense is the right product for what I'm trying to build, although the above list is mostly functional now (with several issues).


  • Anyone familiar with "The Book Of PF" (3rd Edition) by Peter N.M. Hansteen?

    The table of contents looks like it documents some more advanced setups (I only looked at a preview).

  • check this out: or you can wait they have a new version coming out soon. I have a daft copy for being a gold member. If you sign up for a gold subscription you can get a draft .pdf copy too.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Indeed. The old book (linked above) is somewhat outdated but it's still covers a great deal. Some of the specifics will have changed but there is a huge amount of general networking/firewall info in that book.
    Anything that covers pf such as you referenced above will give you great insight into the underlying processes but won't be much help in using pfSense specifically.