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    I read a lot of tutorials and posts, and i'm giving up ^^
    I have a dedicated server (OVH), with Esxi installed.

    OVH configuration

    My OVH IP address is : 94.2x.xxx.148 (Used to my Esx Management)
    My OVH IP Gateway address is : 94.2x.xxx.254
    My IP Failover address is : 91.12x.xxx.146

    PFsense configuration

    WAN -> EM0 -> 91.12x.xxx.146/24
    DMZ -> EM1 ->

    I Apply these routes

    route add -net 94.2x.xxx.254/24 -iface em0

    route add default 94.2x.xxx.254

    From Pfsense i can ping (Google DNS) and google.com.
    From my Ubuntu VM on DMZ i can ping and 91.12x.xxx.146/24


    Interface  Source              Source Port  Destination Port  NAT Address  NAT Port
    DMZ  *                *                        DMZ address  *


    On WAN Pane : 2 rules allowing any ports, any destinations, any Gtw from DMZ to any and from any to DMZ
    On DMZ Pane : same

    Firewall:Virtual IP Addresses

    Type : Proxy ARP
    Interface : WAN
    IP Addresses : Type (Network), Address (

    Routing Table

    I want to use my failover IP to give network access to my infrastructure, and use my given IP for my ESX Management.
    Thanks for your help and sorry for my english ^^