Setting up host to communicate with pfSense and virtual network.

  • Hello!

    Im trying to use many functions in one single computer and my aim is to set up some more virtual computers to play with. My pressent HW router cant handle any load so i decided to use pfSense as FW instead for my home network and for my virual machines. I have been trying to set up a machine like this:

    The WAN port is bridged directly to the pfSense machine and i have remove everything in the network propeties of the host exept the "vmWare bridge" so it should be isolated from the internet.


      em0 is connected to vmNet0 which is bridged directly to the physical card WAN
      em1 is connected to vmNet1 which is bridged directly to the physical card LAN
      em2 is connected to vmNet2 using "Custom: Specific network"

        em0 is connected to vmNet2 using "Custom: Specific network"

    Under connections i have bridged em1 (LAN) with em2 (optinal 1)

    The LAN port is to be connected to my switch to allow my secound computer (or other equioment) to access the internet and network.

    I have been succesful in connecting to the wwwGUI though the virtual XP mashine but not from the host.

    I don not understand how I should configure the host system so that the host can access the vmNet2 network and obtain an IP adress? This since i want it to be protected form the internet behind the firewall and to able to communicate with vertual machines.


    Many thanks to the one who can help this newbee! Off corse, if there is something which need to be described further please let me know.


  • On the LAN port properties on the host you need to have TCP/IP protocol checked. Then the host should be able to reach the webgui.

  • I think i solved the problem now.

    The vmNet2 adapter was supposed to get an IP from pfSense´s DHCP server but it didnt obtain any. The solution was to go into the "Propterties" of vmNet2 network connection i windows and select "TCP/IP" Properties and under "Advanced". Here I added a gateway, the IP number of pfSense´s DHCP server. Then Windows was able to accuire an IP adress.

    Both the physical network cards are bridged directly to a virtual adapter. The only options checked under windows properties is "vmWare Bridge". This to isolate the host from the world and forcing all communications to go through the firewall.

    Thans for trying to help me out!

    Its proberbly a good thing to set up the host with a static IP. This since it cant obtain a IP at startup since the firewall must be started first…

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