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  • hi all,

    i have open vpn and when i go available packages it lists there is a new version or update for openvpn, how do i go about installing it and if i do will i have to configure the certificates again

    many thanks


  • All  you have to do to get the new package is install it again, the new package will overwrite the old one.

    You won't have to update any certificates, the Client Export package handles the installation of the latest version of the client software, the certificates remain the same.

    I would update the package on pfSense and only reinstall any existing clients if the package changes add anything you need.  That way you keep up to date for future exports and can still support the systems you've already setup.

    The only time I would reinstall all my clients would be in case of a major security update.

  • thanks i will do this tonight and see how i get along

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Your talking about the export package - openvpn is base install of pfsense, its not a package

    Available: 1.2.13
    Installed: 1.2.12

    I just updated this remotely without any issues.

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