VPN Site-to-Site. Network B accesses the Network A, but not otherwise.

  • Hello friends,

    I'm a curious scolding.

    Established a VPN Site-to-Site using OpenVPN. Tip Server has public IP on the Internet, by GVT provider. The Client tip has a private IP via DHCP via a modem and the link is also the provider GVT.

    The tunnel closes beauty, both pfSense know the route to reach the remote network from each other, in case the LAN.

    Only the tip of the Client machines can ping and access data from any machine on the tip where the OpenVPN Server, but not otherwise.

    In conclusion: The Network (OpenVPN Server) closes tunnel with Network B (OpenVPN Client)
    Network access any machine B Network A, but not vice versa, the network machines The machines do not access Network B.

    I've seen everything, threw open the rules, redid the VPN several times, but without success, then I can only ask.

    Has anyone got this scolding?

    Thank you!

  • Might need to re-write this… it doesn't make sense, but I'm guessing you're trying to say one side is able to communicate with the other, but not vice versa.

    Post a network map.  We need details in order to help you troubleshoot.

    Post your server1.conf and client1.conf.

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