WiFi in, Ethernet out

  • Hi all, I would like to connect to an access point and then output the received data via ethernet. Kind of the reverse of an access point I guess… Any ideas?

  • Set your wireless as wan and your ethernet as lan, then set the wireless as a client? That's about all I've got- I've only used wireless interfaces in AP mode.

  • Not quite sure what you mean by setting the wifi as a client.

  • By setting it as client, I mean:
    Enable the interface, set to IPv4 DHCP, set the interface to BSS mode, input the SSID you wish to connect to, check the box and fill in the key under WPA.

  • Just for the doubting thomas' I did a quick and dirty setup on a test box. Default setup on an APU with an Ath 9285. 2.1.5 i386 nano.  Added the wireless card as OPT2, setup as described above. Connected a laptop to LAN (wireless disabled on laptop) and was able to browse the Internet. My setup was flakey until I rebooted, YMMV.

  • Update:
    Had a laptop behind my test box working for fine for four or five hours. The last time I checked it, it had no Internet access. Box was showing ath0: bb hang detected (0x4), resetting. Tried to reset the interface, but could not get it to reconnect until I rebooted it.

  • Did you make an bridge interface? I don't see that mentioned anywhere. You would also have to make rules or disable firewall. Totally doable though.
    The wireless mode you want is "Infrastructure Mode" for your application. It is available in a drop-down under interfaces once you setup your wireless device. Also available is "AdHoc" and "Access Point"  in the dropdown.

  • My test setup used the wireless to connect to an existing AP, with a traditional natted LAN on the ethernet. I thought that was the OP's desired configuration, but he seems to have wandered off. Mine worked fine until the 'bb hang' error. I only did the test because of another post suggested I shouldn't have tried to help the OP by telling him how it should work if I hadn't tried the configuration myself.

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