Start pfsense in virtualbox on boot (not logon)

  • Hi, all
    I'm playing pfsense in virtualbox.
    Just want to help other who want achieve the same thing.

    If you want to start pfsense which you installed in virtualbox on windows boot up. Here's the steps.
    (My host system is Windows Server 2012 R2)
    (Just in case, my system is not in English, I will translate menu items into English, so if there are any thing you can not find 100% match, please find somwthing similar. e.g. start up <–> boot up etc.)
    I assume you already installed pfsense in virtualbox.

    1. Start 'task scheduler' in windows.
    2. Right click on 'Task Sehcduler Library'.
    3. Click on 'Create basic tasks'.
    4. Put Name you want.
    5. Put Description as you like.
    6. Choose 'When computer start up/ boot up' (or something similar) [If you want start on logon go with 'When user logon'].
    7. Choose Start program.

    For Program or Script, put your VBoxManage.exe path
    e.g. ' "C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe" '
    For parameter, put ' startvm "vm" '(replace vm with your actual virtual machine's name, case sensitive)

    9. Tick 'When click 'Finish', open up property dialogue for this task'
    10. In the First Tab, Choose 'Whether user logon or not, start the task anyway'
    Tick Start the task with highest privileges.

    11. Under 'Settings' tab, make sure This is NOT TICKed 'If the task runs more than the time specified below, stop the task.'.
    Also make sure the option right under this one is not ticked as well.

    All done.

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