No logout window

  • Hi im a noob in pfsense im just wondering why the log out popout window does not appear. I have enable the logout feat. I am using Local user as my authentication. pls enlighten me on this thanks ???

  • If your browser has a popupblocker it won't open the logout popup. This is most likely what is happening.

  • thanks I can see the logout window now. added the address on popup blocker exemption. Im wondering is there a way that logout window is not a popup window so that I wont manually put each the address on each client browser. Client will go to a local site then they can logout there. Please help me this is a tedious work.  :'(

  • The mainproblem with this is that there are not too many other options to make this work. The only option (that would need some code changes) would be to display a small frame at the top of the site that you originally wanted to go to after redirection with an "open logout-popup" link. As the user actively clicks this link the popup-blocker will allow this popup to open then. Not sure if anybody is interested in implementing such a change or how many work that would produce. It for sure would cause issues with syncing the captive portal against m0n0wall code later as we more or less only reuse the m0n0wallcode here. Maybe you can ask them to integrate this feature so we can stay syncable.

  • Just a side thought here.

    This 'problem' could be solved more radical - and more logical.

    If we presume that hotspot IP's, like the disconnect window, are always local LAN IP's, it would be nice to say to your browser "do not accept popups from the Internet…..' but popus coming from the LAN range should be accepted (always ?).

    Popups from a local source can’t be really annoying, because YOU, or the one that gave you YOUR connection, controls them.

    So: browsers should accept, or handle at a second level, popus coming from local IP’s (gateway in this case).
    On the Firefox feature request list this item exists.
    IE: keep on dreaming….

    When the gateway isn’t local, the problem is solved otherwise: users are asked to keep the main login windows open, so they can disconnect (they have to open a second browser window!).  This is important because many are actually billing for their ‘wifi/network’ usage. Loosing the disconnect windows/button introduces the opportunity for the operator to take another hour, or more, before disconnection for ‘non-usage’.

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