Voucher lenght?

  • Hello,

    is it possible to shorten the lenght of the voucher. At the moment I have 11 letters. Is it also Possibel to have for example for letters?

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    Four is pretty short.  Mine is set to generate 7 to 8.

    RSA key: generated 39 bits (openssl genrsa 39  then put that private key through "openssl rsa -pubout" to get the corresponding public key)

    Character set: 2345678abcdefhijkmnpqrstuvwxyz

    Roll bits: 12

    Ticket bits: 12

    Checksum bits: 8

    Magic number: blahblahblah

    If you add non-confusing capital letters (Stay away from B, V, U, O, I, S, Z, etc) , I'll bet the length would be 4-5 characters. This will cost you in increased difficulty in entering the code.

  • where am I able to access the shell? my WebGuI doesn´t show me any option to open the shell to insert commands?

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    Enable ssh in System->Advanced and ssh to it or get on the console.  It's not necessary though.  I did all the openssl work on a mac.

  • on my part.

    I'm using a 6 to 7 length in voucher

    using my mac terminal

    1. openssl genrsa 31 > key.private
    2. openssl rsa -pubout < key.private >key.public
    3. cat key.private
    3.1 copy the keys
    4. cat key.public
    4.1 copy the keys

    hope it helps,

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