Forum running slow?

  • The last couple of days the forum seems to have been a bit slow.

    Login/unread topics:
    Page created in 3.576 seconds with 13 queries.

    Forum home:
    Page created in 4.039 seconds with 12 queries.

    New topic (i.e., this page):
    Page created in 6.115 seconds with 14 queries.

    The HP web site, which based in the same part of the world (though probably with a bit more in the way of server power and bandwidth) is running just fine.

  • Yes, it's been going on for the past 2 days at least.  But now it's apparently fixed!

  • Banned

    The forum is very slow at the moment.

    HP site is completely useless currently from Denmark!

  • There was an issue earlier, should be fine now.

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