Problem with local authentication

  • im trying to setup cp with authentication, however, when i enable local manager auth, these message will show up..Invalid credentials specified.  any ideas ?? i have already created a webuser in the user manager.. i uploaded my own landing page that include an username and an email. if i disable the authentication, the landing page will works fine.. however, if i enable the authentication, the landing page will be redirected to the pfsense captive portal.

    thanks in advance

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    revert to the default login page.  If that doesn't work, call again.

  • hi again Derelict, thank you for the reply.. i already tried reverting the landing page to the default page.. however, it still producing the same error.. i already tried adding the privileges for the user, which is enable the captive portal login,but it still doesnt work..

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