When used as a wireless client is there any way to list available access points?

  • I've got a wrap with a cm9 running 1.2rc4.

    Thanks in advance.

  • If you go to Status -> Wireless you should see your card listed on the Status (wan) and any access points that it can see will be listed.  The SSID should be along the left and the CAPS (more detail on that in http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,866.msg5201.html#msg5201) should be along the right.  Once you see your access point you can go to Interface -> WAN and scroll down until you see SSID and type it in there.  Once you save it should reload and you should be good to go.  Once specified and registered you should see a line below what you saw below saying ADDR and the MAC address of the access point that you are registered with along with tx/rx for that given access point.  You can also go to Status -> Interfaces and see your LAN and WAN Interfaces and if they are associated (first line on each ath card).  At least that's how I believe it to work and I have a WRAP running CM9s on the latest software too.

  • Another way you can do it is go to Diagnostics -> Command
    Type ifconfig and find the name of your interface. If you are using an Atheros chipset the first card would be ath0. Then from the Diagnostics -> Command page run the following but make sure to change ath0 to the name of your interface.

    ifconfig ath0 scan

    You will then see a list of available access points.

    For an additional options with ifconfig see:

    FreeBSD wireless notes:

  • Very cool, thank you.  Don't know how I missed the status -> wireless page.  Thought I had been to every page…

    Thank you.

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