Maybe I'm Just not Looking Hard Enough…?

  • Folks,

    Is there an easy (or obvious) way to know the "latest" available version of pfsense, other than by looking in the directory of one of the download links?  What I mean to say is, the only way I know that RC4 is available is because that's what shows in the directory listing of the hosting sites.

    Why not have a prominent banner or "News" heading displaying the latest version and RC version?

    Just my $0.02

  • Go to the indexpage of the forum and check the banner between the boards and the navogation at the top. It announces 1.2RC4. You just have to watch more closely  ;)

  • That's pretty sneaky… it's a dynamic banner!  I have to wait about 10 seconds for the 2nd banner message to appear (displaying the current rev. of pfsense).  I guess I jump the gun a little too quickly and start browsing the forums before the 10 seconds are up.

    Thanks for the tip!

  • I too find it hard to quickly find the latest release. Even after the pointers in this posting.
    Why not make a static banner that always catches the eye when visiting the site.

    Regards, Joost.

  • Why do you need to know!
    If you go to download pfSense only the latest image is avaible!

  • @jhavers:

    I too find it hard to quickly find the latest release.

    The latest public release or update of pfSense isn't supposed to be in the forum (!!!) but on the download page:
    All you have to do is select a mirror near you.
    Not too difficult, is it?

    If you know about snapshots and want to use them then you now the server location anyway (or look it up).

  • Jahonix & Eri:

    I think you'd be hard-pressed to qualify your remarks as helpful;  and in fact, they sure as hell sound more like conscending jeers to me.  Joost was offering his feedback.  That's hardly a crime, and it's actually the point of this particular forum.

    Perhaps we peon users look at other similar projects such as M0n0wall, IPCop and Smoothwall, ALL with their latest release prominately displayed on the front page of their sites, and simply wonder why pfsense doesn't follow this standard.

  • Yep, I was just trying to be helpfull in making this site more user friendly. Most sites display their latest stable and unstable release directly on the first page (or at least directly in the download section). This gives usefull feedback to your users / testers, especially for unstable releases which tend to update more frequently due to bug fixes and added features.

    As of today the new site does display at least the latest stable version in the info \ version section. The latest unstable release is still missing, and will probably never be added I guess by the reactions in this thread.

  • The snapshots are always about 2h old. The snapshotserver continuously builds new versions from the most current code from the cvs. There is no need to announce new versions every 2 hours. However I agree, that there should be some more "at the first glance" info about beta and release candidates though they are announced on the blog when they appear. We'll discuss it and offer some kind of solution. Thanks for the feedback.

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