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  • Guys, Good Afternoon,

    Today I have the following scenario,

    Mother with LAN affiliate LAN 1 192.168.2 / 00:02 affiliate with range

    Today all branches communicate with the mother and the mother communicates with all affiliates, all working perfectly,

    I need only the branches speak to each other through the intermediary of the matrix, eg

    User in this branch 1 ( and want to access a share on Branch 2 (

    if you can give me some tips to make this procedure have seen the issues of putting the network in the advanced settings of open VPN (push "route xxxx";) so I think I did not quite understand the logic or could not do much well,

    Thank you !!!

  • At a high level, the mother is connected to both sites and is essentially the router, so affiliate A need to know that affiliate B's network is reached by routing the traffic down the tunnel and vice versa.

    i.e. yes, you can manually add push routes to the advanced config if you want, but as of 2.x, you can add multiple networks to the "IPv4 Local Network/s" line and the push routes will be auto generated for you.

    In short, on the affiliate A config, add affiliate B's network to the "IPv4 Local Network/s" line then on affiliate B's config add Affiliate A's network to the "IPv4 Local Network/s" line.

  • Sorry, could not more clearly understand your answer,

    I did the setup as it passed, just putting the networks of branches in the Local Network field, reversing the network's affiliate in VPN B, and B in the network vpn branch A,

    More could not make the communication branch b for branch A, continue with normal communication between the branches of the matrix did not get a communication branches between them,

    Could you explain me with some example that becomes clearer,

    from already thank you

  • Someone manages to come with me to explain more practical examples ???

  • Sounds like currently you have a hub and spoke configuration but you want to have a full mesh configuration.

  • Would you like a estrautura with communication between the branches, now possess only the statement of subsidiaries with the mother and vice versa,

    Could someone help me how to perform the manual configuration of these routes or how to do automatic form, as was said by the local field network of Open Vpn?

  • Pretty easy once you get going..

    Marvosa gave you enough information for me to figure it out (finally).  Nothing Ive spent much time trying to figure out but something that has been on the to-do list…

    The field 'IPv4 Remote Network' must contain only valid ipv4 CIDR range(s) separated by commas.

    Going to your client side and entering a second (your second client side) address will give you the above warning if you do it wrong.  In your case ","    and    ","

    Then on the VPN Firewall rules tab on both sides you need to make rules to allow traffic from the other side.  And I believe you need to build a rule set for the mother site on its openvpn firewall rule tab. ( site one to site two and visa versa…)

    You should not need any extra config below in the config box.

  • Could you send me some prints of how fiacriam settings on the server, and branches, I am doing the settings, so when doing tracert, vej the package to be triggered branch B to branch it comes to the "Gateway" the VPN tunnel branch B (server side) however it then fails to reach its destination …


  • anyone .. ??

  • staff

    Set up branches of the network by adding another branch on Remote Network IPv4 / s field

    Ie was as follows,

    In branch A, put the remote network Matrix and more affiliate network B

    Now when I am in the branch and request ping from B affiliate network until it reaches the address of the VPN tunnel on the side of the Matrix, and after that he can not forward,

    What configuration is missing in the matrix or at the branch?

    Or am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you!

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