ASK Create Access Rule LAN with Range IP

  • Hi,

    I'm sorry if repost. I'm newbie
    I want to ask, how to create rule access for LAN by Range IP?
    Because, I don't found create LAN by Range IP, I just found by subnet.
    Example : = for Server = for Staff = for BOD

    Can I create Lan Network by Range IP like other firewall?


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    Use  "Aliases" (Firewall –> Aliases --> Networks) ;)

    Networks are specified in CIDR format. Select the CIDR mask that pertains to each entry. /32 specifies a single IPv4 host, /128 specifies a single IPv6 host, /24 specifies, /64 specifies a normal IPv6 network, etc. Hostnames (FQDNs) may also be specified, using a /32 mask for IPv4 or /128 for IPv6. You may also enter an IP range such as and a list of CIDR networks will be derived to fill the range.

  • Hi,

    Thank you for reply,
    but we can't create Network by Range IP, Right!
    We must input one by one, can't
    I hope PFSense for the future can create that like other firewall.


  • Aa.Fikry28, please read again the excellent advice that have already been given to you by ptt.

    If you add a network alias you can specify the range as and the appropriate networks to cover your selected range will automatically be created:,,,,,

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    An even better alternative is to group your hosts on netmask boundaries.  If you were to use a /27, for instance, you could refer to the group of hosts from with the single mask, the hosts from with, etc.

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