Pfsense and Vmware tools

  • hi Guys
    i managed to have Vmware tools installed on Pfsense and working fine with vmxnet3, however everytime the pfsense is rebooted doesn't start the tools automatically.
    everytime i need to run this command to start the tools

    /usr/local/bin/ -d –clobber-kernel-modules=vmxnet3,pvscsi,vmmemctl

    any suggestions how to make this automatically ?
    thank you

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    I run tools on pfsense 2.1.5 i386 and never have any issues, are you running amd64, then there is a thread about comment out part of the vmware tools script that creates the not configured file.

    I have updated the docs for vmware tools that touches on this subject.

    If you are having problems with tools not starting on reboot, you can edit /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ Have not seen this on 32bit pfsense, but have seen reports on 64 after say 2nd reboot

    Comment out the whole section

    if [ "$exitcode" -gt 0 ]; then
        # Set the 'not configured' flag
        touch "$vmware_etc_dir"'/not_configured'
        chmod 644 "$vmware_etc_dir"'/not_configured'
        db_add_file "$vmware_db" "$vmware_etc_dir"'/not_configured'
        exit 1

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