Is there a mini PCIe 2.4Ghz/5Ghz wireless card

  • hi all,

    just wondering as i have seen 2.4ghz wireless cards and 5ghz cards but i was wondering if i can get both freq on the same card, do they make them, if so can anyone point one out to me please?

    if not i guess i have to get 2 wireless PCIe cards one to do the 2.4 and one to do the 5ghz ranges

    many thanks


  • MIKROTIK R52Hn does both but not simultaneously. Pfsense won't do dual band at the same time it seems.

    I have tried everything in trying as well…According to a google link from Superuser there is a guy in a german forum who has a patch. Google translation does not work or show any answers and i tried to create it as per his instructions and it didnt work. I have a feeling it is doable because on bootup it shows up like 2 separate devices if you notice. Wireless groups was what he was saying but I tried in vien.

    The last post in this thread has info i would like to have translated...

    I just noticed this in the comments and may have to try again...

  • Sorry, I just saw you asked about Mini PCIe. Those are quite common as any Atheros 9xxx seem to be dual band capable and the newer pfsense beta you can tell by the addition bands under Channels if it supports 5ghz.
    I hope to tryout the simultaneous bands solution from that German site this weekend as it seems like someone got it working. Nice graphicc too. I see he is using Dual A and G in his working example. As opposed to N and NA in your question. I think it is still possible as N is treated no differently from the interfaces end. Another seemless addition to pfSense…..Great work all.

  • I had tried pfsense 2.2 beta, the Oct. some day snapshot, my wifi card chip is ar9285. pfsense can set wifi card working in 2.4ghz or 5.8ghz, but can not run two band in same time. maybe it is bug, because in its GUI, I had seen pfsense can assign more ssid and assign different band/channel to new ssid. so maybe it can run dual band when the 2.2 offical release.

    If not, you may install two wifi card, one works in 2.4ghz, one works in 5.8ghz. hehe

  • what about if i buy an intel dual band wireless card will it work with pfsense?

  • @robina80:

    what about if i buy an intel dual band wireless card will it work with pfsense?

    No. Intel cards do not support AP mode. On any OS.

    The last time I setup dual band APs, you had to get separate radios for each band. No consumer cards that I know of can run on two bands at once.
    Again, this is a hardware limitation.

  • Actually the intel cards have an Access Point Mode with the Windows software they offer call myWifi. It works on Windows 7 and up. The Intel Wireless 1000 cards and up have the software available..

  • will this card work with pfsense on the APU 1C boards-

  • I cannot comment on your hardware but that card does work with the 2.2 betas along with its 5GHZ cousin the - R11e-5HnD - Which I also own and am really liking and have been using for around 3 weeks uptime -sans periodic upgrades- on an Advantech sbc.

  • Just bumping the thread with another question…

    Can anyone confirm a card that works in hostap mode at "N" speed? I haven't been able (some other threads on this forum) get any of the atheros cards working at "N" speed...

  • I have two separate rigs up and running with 802.11N. It has been enabled on nightly builds since late August. Pf stable 2.1.5 will not work with N mode.
    Advantech PCM-9363N with the R11e-5HnD card and Riverbed Steelhead with the R52Hn.

    All Atheros mPCI/mPCIe i have thown at pfSense betas work well. I am using a Terrawave Omni antenna.

  • @Phishfry:


    I need mini PCIe - so the R52Hn would work. Looks like it uses an Atheros chipset though and (per my previous post) I haven't been able to get either of the two Atheros cards I've tried work in 'N' mode hostap (in 2.2 beta). The both only allow clients to connect at 'G' speeds.  The R52Hn is awfully expensive, are you certain that works on 2.2 in host access point mode?

    All Atheros mPCI/mPCIe i have thown at pfSense betas work well.

    Can you confirm any Atheros chipsets that are working in hostap mode at 'N' speeds?

    Thanks again!

  • Well when you say work at N speeds i guess that is subjective. I went from1.5MB/S on G mode Stable 2.1.5(R52-350) to 4.5MB/S with 802.11N on 2.2beta(R52Hn). Not very impressive for what i was expecting but still faster. I hate to say yes for sure because i am a rookie, but I am definitely seeing connection speed of 150M max in windows. Usually it shows 300M at startup but drops to 100-150M when in use. One client using Intel 6205-N on Acer netbook and another using Atheros half card in Dell Latitude10 tablet. Both similar results from 30-40ft range using iperf.
    My pfSense wireless status also shows N connections.

    I can also confirm that the R52hn works in a Routerboard230 which i have pfsense running as an MIFI with an 3g aircard. Still an experimental build as its so darn slow in the webGUI.

    If you don't need 2.4 ghz there are some nice Compex 5ghz high power cards for 28 bucks on ebay(WLM200N5-26-ESD 400mW a/n NEW ). The dual band R52hn is nice and there are also some good umbiquity SR71 modules..

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