Captive Portal User Count

  • We're using PFSense Captive Portal in a Public Library.

    It has 3 WAP's connected to the internal NIC, and a simple Captive Portal page with a Acceptable Use Page which requires a user to click on the "I Accept" button to get access.

    We'd like to get a user count (i.e. how many people clicked the "I Accept" button) by day for a couple of our grants.  What would be the easiest way to log that information?

  • the rrd graphs ?

  • Netgate

    All that information is syslogged.  If you have a decent amount of volume you'll need to set up remote logging.

    Status->System Logs->Portal Auth

    Status->System Logs->Settings to set up remote logging.

  • Thanks for both replies, that was what I was looking for (I know, next time look harder - lol).