"Skip rules when gateway is down" unchecked not working.

  • I have conditional rules that use gateway GW2 for certain ports, followed by a normal rule that allows all traffic (through the implicit default gateway GW1).

    "Skip rules when gateway is down" is unchecked but whenever the PPPoE GW2 goes down, the conditional rules' traffic is stopped. I am not talking about existing sessions being broken. Even new sessions after an extended period of GW2 being offline still do not succeed. I expect it to pass through default gateway GW1 (though an auto-created rule, not because of my "allow all" rule). It only works if I use a failover group (GW2 > GW1) instead.

    I also noticed that the conditional routing itself is buggy for UDP and the initial packets from an application fail and I must retry once again for it to succeed.