SOLVED Routing problems between OpenVPN and LAN servers.

  • Hello.

    I am having very strange connections issues between my VPN and Lan networks. I hope somebody can help me, because i have spent a lot of time trying to fix i$

    I have installed pfsense to use it as OpenVPN server, the server has one public IP address (xx.xx.xx.xx), and one private ip address (

    Here is OpenVPN server config:

    dev ovpns1
    verb 1
    dev-type tun
    dev-node /dev/tun1
    writepid /var/run/
    #user nobody
    #group nobody
    script-security 3
    keepalive 10 60
    proto udp
    cipher AES-128-CBC
    auth SHA1
    up /usr/local/sbin/ovpn-linkup
    down /usr/local/sbin/ovpn-linkdown
    client-connect /usr/local/sbin/
    client-disconnect /usr/local/sbin/
    local xx.xx.xx.xx
    client-config-dir /var/etc/openvpn-csc
    auth-user-pass-verify "/usr/local/sbin/ovpn_auth_verify user 'YYYYYYYY_AD,Local Database' false server1" via-env
    tls-verify "/usr/local/sbin/ovpn_auth_verify tls '' 1"
    lport 1194
    management /var/etc/openvpn/server1.sock unix
    push "route"
    push "dhcp-option DOMAIN"
    push "dhcp-option DNS"
    ca /var/etc/openvpn/
    cert /var/etc/openvpn/server1.cert
    key /var/etc/openvpn/server1.key
    dh /etc/dh-parameters.1024
    tls-auth /var/etc/openvpn/server1.tls-auth 0

    In Wan interface is avoid all traffic from outside except ICMP, and UDP with destination 1194 port.
    In LAN and OpenVPN rules all traffic is allowed.

    To test my OpenVPN connection I am ussing a server in my LAN network, whose Ip is and another server outside my LAN. When I connect the outsid$

    In my LAN server ( I added a rule that show the way to OpenVPN network:

    route -n
    Tabla de rutas IP del núcleo
    Destino        Pasarela              Genmask        Indic  Métric  Ref    Uso    Interfaz                UG    0          0        0        eth0      U      0          0        0        eth0  UG    0          0        0        eth0

    If I try ping from to  works.
    From woks also.

    But i have seen that some packets are lost.

    if I try traceroute from to, works

    traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
    1 (  29.950 ms  29.935 ms  29.940 ms
    2 (  29.857 ms * *

    But if I try the same from my LAN server it fails;

    traceroute -n
    traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
    1  0.222 ms  0.203 ms  0.207 ms
    2  * * *

    Because that I cant connect by ssh or http.

    I don't know why when packets form LAN arrive to the OpenVPN server are dropped, or missed or I don't know…..

    Anybody can help me know whats wrong with my conf, or what can I do to find the problem.


  • This problem was solved.

    The problem was that my Pfsense was installed in a Proxmox VM, whe I disabled hardware checksum offload all begin to works fine.

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