Wifi Setup

  • Hi,

    I'm having my you know what handed to me!

    I can't seem to figure out what's wrong…  Ok I've read every Pfsense wifi setup doc I could find. I watched every youtube video I could find. and nothing is working.

    Here is a basic of my setup.

    The Pfsense box is

    I setup the WiFi static on

    WiFi DHCP is setup and working as it assigns IP address. I tried even doing static on my devices and still can't get out or ping local IP addresses

    All my wifi devices connect without a problem. I just can't ping anything even the gateway.  BUT I can ping other WiFi devices connected to the wifi. Other words I can ping laptop to laptop, but neither can ping the pfsense gateway of


  • perhaps you need a firewall rule to pass wlan traffic through the firewall from

  • First thing I notice is that your pfsense firewall is on a different subnet from your access point(s). Unless you have a route set up within your network to send traffic from to then your access points won't be able to see the pfsense but will see each other.

    Either change the pfsense internal NIC to, for instance, or change your subnet mask to allow both networks to see each other (eg:

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