Can`t select Aliases in rules

  • Hi there,

    same question in the German Forum but no answer at all.

    I´ve Set Up some Network Aliases but can´t select them to create any rule?
    Is there something missing to be able to use them?


  • Hmmmm - Not sure if we are talking the same things…

    But when you say alias, you mean IP alias?  Under Fire > aliases?

    If so, you don't select those from any drop down menu.  You type those names instead of typing IPs.

    At least thats my understanding.

  • Okay, lets say I have an Network Alias named "Network_2" with some Networks in it:,

    When I create a Rule, there should be the Alias "Network_2" visible … but its not. The existing Values in the "Type" DropDown are just as Aliases Placeholders.

    So my Question was, how do I can Select my Aliases for a rule?

  • You pretty sure its supposed to show up in your drop down menu?

    I'd try typing the name in "single host or alias"

  • I´m not sure, thats why I´m asking but it would make sense … or not?
    I know that Checkpoint and Sonicwall can handle his.

    So I thought it should work here too.

  • Kejianshi is right. The drop-down list is just a list of addresses or address types. You select 'single host or alias' from the list, then type the name of the alias in the field immediately below, marked 'Address'.

  • Okay thanks.

    Another question, can I edit the Port Range Placeholders? ( HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and and and)?

  • I seriously doubt it unless you plan to redesign the GUI?

  • What are you trying to acheive? If, as I assume, you want to set a rule to allow a subset of ports rather than a range from, say TCP 10 to 25 for instance, then you can create a port alias and add the list of ports you want to apply to that alias (found under Firewall/Aliases menu on the 'ports' tab). Create a new alias and add the ports you want to include in the alias list, then when you've done that you can add that port alias to the destination port range section of your rule.

  • I think it might be nice for some people to have aliases appear in the drop downs, but seems currently they don't.

    For others, with lots and lots of aliases, it might be a major annoyance.

    Flip a coin I guess.  Can't make everyone happy.

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