Sometimes Captive Portal doesn't work

  • Hi, i've setup Captive Portal + IAS on Windows Server 2003, and it work well, but sometimes when browser starts, it seems looking for resolve site's name and stop, no splash screen appears
    Same result with internal auth, so it's not depending to the communication between pfSense and IAS.
    If now i'm stopping and restarting Captive Portal, it will work well again.
    I've pfSense 1.2 RC4, any suggestions?

    No Squid, no multi wan
    DHCP on OPT1, and a firewall rule from OPT1 network to port 8000 tcp (firewall address on OPT1)

  • Anything in the systemlogs when that happens? Also note that the captive portal will not work if the pfsense can't resolve DNS. It first has to resolve the site that you want to hit (like before it redirects you to the captive portal page. If for some reason the pfSense doesn't get DNS from the servers it uses (system>general) it might appear that the captive portal is not working during that time.

    What I don't understand is the firewalrule that you put on OPT1. Is that the only rule you have there? How should it work at all this way?

  • Yes, DNS is working, beacuse if captive portal it's disabled i can visit without problems.
    And no, there are other rules, opt1 to wan (53 udp, 80 http, 433 http on WAN and tcp 8000 on
    DNS server it's Windows server 2003, now a check system log.

  • I suspect that your are not using the pfSense DNS forwarder.

    You can either remove your external DNS address from your captive portal DHCP configuration
    and use the DNS forwarder, or add the DNS address to the allowed addresses in the captive portal configuration.

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