Some outgoing traffic being blocked

  • I have setup that all outbound traffic is allowed but some is still being blocked and am unsure why this is happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Is also blocking incoming requests when using facetime.

  • Hmm.  The rules are processed top-down and if no matching rule is found then the traffic should be blocked by the hidden Default Deny rule.  Usually the blocks you see are incoming from out-of-state traffic, but this doesn't look like that.  A packet capture might shed some light on the situation.  You have changed the default Source from * to HOME_LAN net, but I don't think that should be a problem.  You could always change it back just to check.  You're already on the HOME_LAN interface rules, so you shouldn't have to specify the source being HOME_LAN since that's all there is.

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    And you cut off the right portion of that traffic showing the protocol and state - you sure its not just out of state traffic?

  • I'm guessing that this is out of state traffic from a torrent that you were running?  So many UDP packets destined for someone's cablemodem on funny ports.

  • I have tried all the above and the traffic that is being blocked seems to be apple traffic.

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    So your saying its all syn traffic?  What did you try??  Nobody suggested you "try" anything ;)

  • The LAN blocks are just out of state traffic. They stopped entirely after a big flood of them, so guessing you rebooted shortly before that flood of logs. Since that looks like it didn't continue from there, that's normal.

    The WAN blocks, looks like it wants uPnP/NAT-PMP for Facetime possibly.

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