Cannot login to the webGUI using Active Directory user

  • pfsense is successfully joined to the Active Directory server (Samba4). A group has already been created both in pfsense and in the AD (same name). Using Diagnostics > Authentication, the user is successfully authenticated and is listed under the local matching group. The local group's priviliges are:

    • User - System - Shell account access

    • WebCfg - All pages

    I also tried adding all the privileges. But neither allows me to login using said user to the webGUI. I'm getting a "Username or Password incorrect" error. I feel like I'm missing something but I don't know what exactly.

  • you need to enable active directory as an Authentication Server.

    Go to:
    System - User Management
    Settings tab
    You will see Authentication Server, in the drop down select your ldap/ad server

  • I see it. If I enable this, would I still be able to login as admin?

  • yes you will

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