Same port several devices

  • If I have roughly 17 devices on the network that I need to open the same ports for them, is there a way to create group and assign all IP addresses to those ports?

    Will pfsense allow me to open the same ports for 17 devices?

    These are Sonos devices.

  • Not that I'm aware of.  You would end up creating 17 port forwards, one for each device.  Yes, pfSense will allow you to do that.

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    are you talking outbound or inbound traffic?  Sounds like outbound to me, since you can forward the same port inbound to different ips.  You would have to have 17 public IPs to send the same port to 17 different ips inside pfsense.

    by default the lan rules is any any outbound, if you have locked this down an for example want 17 lan IPs to talk oubound on 80 (http) then sure you can create an aliases and put the 17 Ips in there.  And then use that as the source for your rule.

  • Thank for you your replies, that makes sense.

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