It is possible launch automatic popup when user connect to wifi ?

  • Hi all,
    As title says, it is possible launch automatic popup when user connect to wifi ?

    user connects wifi, once connected, opens browser or windows says:
    Next step, redirect to my page.


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    Above and beyond the captive portal intercepting requests to port 80 and forwarding to the portal page, no.

  • I've seen some payment solutions, with a captive portal website … a simple router or something.

    You connect to the wireless network and automatically opens the login page, without opening the browser yourself.

    I would like to emulate these payment solutions pfsense as close as possible.

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    That all has to do with the client automatically attempting a web page when wi-fi connects.  When the client does that, the captive portal page automatically appears.  There is no facility to PUSH the web page to the client.  It has to request it first.

    search the internet for apple captive network.

    I know people want there to be some magic solution but there just isn't.  And https makes it even worse.

  • ok I understand,

    I will see how I can handle it


  • Android will notice its behind a CP and pops a login page.
    Windows will also notice.

    For iPhone you need top allow some adresses to have a popup on iPhone.

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    Not true.  You don't need to allow anything.  When an apple device connects to a network it makes a web request to a url, some of which you listed.  If it doesn't receive "Success" back it assumes it's behind a portal and opens a mini web browser window and makes another request.  This should be intercepted by the portal and the login page will display.

    I'm sure the other CP-sensing methods are similar.

  • I had problems with IOS devices switching back to cellular because they couldn't access these URL on the WiFi. So yes you are right it has nothing to do with the popup.

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    I have those problems too.  I don't believe the timeout is long enough before iOS gives up on the Wi-Fi and goes back to cell.