Pfsense 2.2 Recommended WiFi Cards

  • Just wanted to see if anyone has any recommendations for a PCI or PCIe WiFi card for Pfsense 2.2.  The Pfsense recommended list they have posted really doesn't apply to 2.2.

    I'm running the TP-link TL-WN851ND and it doesn't seem to want to do N. It has the Atheros AR9227 chipset.

    Looking for something that doesn't require melting my brain to get working.


  • See the FreeBSD 10.1 manual page for ath_hal. AR9227 isn't listed but e.g. TL-WDN4800 with AR9380 is.

    802.11n isn't working very well in pfSense 2.2 yet.

  • @pLu:

    802.11n isn't working very well in pfSense 2.2 yet.

    Have yet to find one that works in 'N' hostap mode….

  • Ok Update! BTW I'm running pfSense 2.2.

    This one TP-LINK TL-WN851ND doesn't work well. I have to restart the WiFi everyday. Just drops for some reason. But FreeBSD says this one is really not stable.

    This one TP-LINK TL-WDN4800 works Great! All issues gone.  The FreeBSD forum says this one will do N, but I haven't got it working yet. I'll deal with that later, I'm moving my pfSense to a HP Server so I'm buying the extended Tri-Antenna's for the card so I can put them up high.

    So basically the AR9380 chipset works with pfSense.  Hope this helps anyone trying to do WiFi on pfSense and FreeBSD says the N will work, but like I said I'll deal with that later since pfSense 2.2 is still in beta.

    Just so you know. I've learned to ask on the FreeBSD forum about hardware issues.

  • AR9380 chipset works for me with pfSense 2.2