OpenVPN Cliënt export not working

  • Hello, I have an OpenVPN server created within pfSense (version 2.1.5), but I can't export the "Client Install Packages". (OpenVPN Client Export Utility, version 1.2.14 is installed.)

    Reinstall of above package doesn't help, recreating the VPN doesn't help either…

    I have seen the this post, but that didn't work for me >:(

    Has anyone an solution for me?

  • what error are you getting ?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    When the export links don't show up it's usually a certificate mismatch somewhere.  Like the user certificates aren't created under the same CA the OpenVPN server instance is set to use…

    NOTE: If you expect to see a certain client in the list but it is not there, it is usually due to a CA mismatch between the OpenVPN server instance and the client certificates found in the User Manager.

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